What Schools, Parents and Community Partners Can Do

Schools, parents/caregivers, and community partners can work together to provide
effective support plans for at-risk children by:

Grades 1-12

  • setting achievable goals and expectations for children
  • setting children up to experience success
  • providing education supports for children
  • mentoring and modelling the importance of school life
  • promoting anti-BULLYING strategies and programs
  • promoting school- and community-based recreational, sports, arts, and cultural
  • creating inviting, warm, supportive, and child-friendly school and community environments; ensuring that school and community environments are respectful of children and adults
  • creating safe environments for children to feel confident and experiment with risk
  • emphasizing parental involvement and interaction with the school and the child’s
education. (Middle Childhood Matters: A Framework to Promote Healthy Development of Children 6 to 12, page 16)