Roles and Responsibilities in Improving Attendance

Truancy/School Refusal, School Avoidance, Anxiety and Parent-Enabled Absenteeism

Step 1:

Student is absent, truant or is refusing to attend school. Has missed 10% of school days or 4 days per month without satisfactory excuse.

Step 2:

Student is referred to school team.

Step 3:

Student continues to be absent from school

Step 4:

Student continues to be absent from school

Step 1 School procedure for the identification of students with attendance/lateness issues:
  • Documentation of attendance in school register.
  • Contact the home to determine the reason for the student’s absence.
  • Attendance letters sent home

Step 2 School intervention Implementation:
  • Letters sent home to parents/caregivers
  • Referral to internal support/interventions (e.g., special education, guidance, student leadership, student support) to develop a plan and implement strategies
  • Case Conference meeting with student and parents/guardians (community agency(s) to determine cause of absenteeism and to develop a plan to address these issues ( (e.g., modified timetable, incentives)
  • Referral to community agencies, if needed, in accordance with protocol
  • School Attendance Letter

Step 3 School board/community agency intervention:
  • School notifies designated school board representative
  • Case Conference and follow up Case Conferences with school team, student, parents/guardians, community partners (e.g., mental health, addictions, child protection, youth justice), and board representative to revise strategies/plan and to monitor attendance; frequency of Case Conferences depends on progress and engagement of student and parents/guardian
  • Home visits by school board representative; attendance letters and other strategies/referrals
  • Follow-up Case Conferences to monitor progress, revise attendance plans, and update community partners; frequency of Case Conferences dependent on progress and engagement of parents/caregivers and student
  • If school attendance improves, the school team will continue monitoring to determine the need for ongoing support
  • The school advises the board representative of any changes to attendance pattern
  • School Board Attendance Letter

Step 4 Superintendent intervention:
  • Case Conference including school team, student, parents/caregivers, community partners, board representative, and superintendent
  • Determine need for further assessment (e.g., psycho-educational, risk)
  • Referral to Alternative programming (e.g., A.B.L.E. program, day treatment))
  • Truancy charges
  • Notification to provincial attendance counsellor of charges
Step 1:
  • Receives notification of student absences and implements strategies suggested.

Step 2:
  • Attends Case Conference and follow-up meetings to assist in determining barriers to attendance.
  • Implements strategies, enforces school attendance, and supports school strategies.
  • Agrees to referrals for student and parents.

Step 3:
  • Continues to implement strategies, support school strategies, enforce school attendance.
  • Works with community partners.
  • Attends Case Conferences with all partners.

Step 4:
  • Continues to implement strategies, support school strategies, enforce school attendance, work with community agencies, and attend Case Conferences.
  • Receives student and parent charges.
Step 1:
  • Receives notification if already involved and consent form signed.

Step 2:
  • Processes referral and completes intake if not previously involved.
  • Places student on waiting list.
  • If previously involved, provides counselling and contributes to the development of strategies.
  • Consults with school team and attends Case Conference regarding strategies and needs.

Step 3:
  • Prioritizes referral if appropriate.
  • Provides counselling and strategies.
  • Consults with school team and attends Case Conferences regarding strategies and needs.

Step 4:
  • Continues to provide counselling.
  • Consults with school team and attends Case Conference.
  • Provides additional agency supports if available.
  • Listed as witness in truancy package to court.