Student Success

What Is Student Success

Student success includes competency in the following areas: academic, social, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Research consistently reveals that success at school is a strong indicator for success later in life.

“School-age children who feel they belong and are a part of school life are more likely to experience successes within the school, enjoy school, continue their education into high school and engage in positive pro-social behaviour…. A supportive and positive learning environment (both at home and at school) will allow children to explore and test their abilities, improve their skill level and enhance pro-social behaviour.” (Middle Childhood Matters: A Framework to Promote Healthy Development of Children 6 to 12, pages 16 and 20) Everyone working with children should be aware of the warning signals that may indicate that school success is at risk. The tables in the following sections of this chapter identify some of these academic, social, and familial alerts, categorized by school division.